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3 Products Confirmed Positive For Porcine DNA

19 January 2021 / Original Reporting by Brudirect (click here)

Three Singapore products were reported to have been confirmed positive for porcine DNA. In a media statement released by the Brunei Darussalam Ministry of Religious Affairs, the result were confirmed after analysis of the affected products were conducted by the Department of Scientific Services, Ministry of Health.

The Ministry of Religious Affairs through the Syari’ah Affairs Department conducts routine random inspections on imported products sold at the local supermarkets and shops. In its latest operation, the products identified were specific fishballs, cuttlefish balls and mushroom balls from a particular Singapore company.

The Syari’ah Affairs Department, has consequently ordered all super markets and shops to separate the products immediately from general storage and for the products to be placed in the Non-Halal section.

Accordingly and in line with Syara law, when something is of a concern, it will be categorised as syubhah or ambiguous. This would then require the affected products to be separated pending the results of the scientific analysis.

Orders have thus been issued to all Halal Certificate and Permit holders to immediately stop the use of the products in their food menus or product ingredients. At this time, the Syar’iah Affairs Department through the Halal Food Control Division is actively conducting visits to premises previously using the affected products, and has ordered for the affected facilities to be cleansed in accordance to syariah requirement.

Specific Details on the affected products can be found here.